Fun and original app, you can create your message using a series of Trumps*! This new way of communicating is called “Talk Different” Universal Language. You can talk via a mobile app using Trumps illustrating a daily situation, a verb, or any word you may need to help create a message.

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Innovative mobile touch technology-based concept available for smartphones and tablets, Talk Different will captivate people of all ages.

Talk Different Universal Language is smooth and simple to use with its attractive graphic standards and animated Trumps that can be understood by all almost anywhere.

Creating a Phrase band with emotion


 Words are not always enough to express a feeling, an emotion: Talk Different, with its numerous features, has great potential and proposes the incorporation of emotions in communication.

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Timidity, inhibition, the complexity of non-verbal communication and social conventions, sometimes hinder communication and can be a source of incomprehension.

Talk Different is also a way of communicating easily whilst having fun!

*Trump: visual feature, animated or not, combining text and sound.